The Isuzu I-Series Trucks

Although, Isuzu is slowly retreating from the US automobile market, one of the largest automobile markets in the world in terms of annual car sales, due to the huge drop in its sales and popularity. The stint of the Isuzu in the US market could be said to be a sort of mixed bag. Firstly, they started off late than the other Japanese automobile companies in the US market. They had a quite start, even though they had General Motors as their ally.

They came up with many different models of cars, sedans, SUV's and trucks. Trooper, a SUV, was by far the most popular and more importantly, the successful car in their lineup However, with lack of funds for their new projects and innovation, Isuzu sales took a nosedive. Isuzu today is left with only one SUV and some trucks in their lineup for sales in the market.

The i-Series Isuzu trucks are only available currently for sales. The currently available models of this series are i-290 and i-370 commercial pickup trucks. The Isuzu i-280 and i-350 were the first models of Isuzu i-series brought out in US in 2006. The Isuzu i-series models are believed to be based on Chevrolet Colorado and General Motors Canyon. The earlier introduced trucks went under some engineering scissors and got their new names i-290 and i-370 respectively with some improved features.

The Isuzu i-290 is an extended cab pickup truck. The truck has got a 2.9 liter and a four cylinder engine. At 2.9 liters the Isuzu i-290 is very huge for a four-cylinder engine. It also reflects in the power, 185 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque, which peaks at a suitably low 2800 RPM. The other important feature of this pickup truck is its space and size. It offers ample headroom, legroom, hip room and shoulder room for the passenger. The size of the cargo box at the back is large enough to carry half your home. The wheelbase is wide enough to support the load.

The payload of Isuzu i-290 is just over 1500 lbs. It's towing capacity is around 2,100 with the manual and 3,100 with the automatic transmissions respectively. It is large enough to haul a small boat or a couple of ATVs.

The other pickup truck in the Isuzu i-series is i-370. This truck has enough space for five adults. The truck comes in two versions, the extended cab and the crew cab version of i-370 pickup trucks. With an inline 5-cylinder configuration and 3.7 liters engine, the i-370 delivers 242 horsepower at 5600 RPM, which is fairly good for its class.

The other important features of this truck include a hydraulic power steering, power assisted disc brakes and 4-wheel antilock brake system. The extended cab has a payload capacity of 1,425 lbs and the crew cab has 1,260 lbs payload capacity. With a large cargo box the i-370 has large enough wheel base to evenly distribute and carry the load.

The engine is very fuel-efficient. The Isuzu i-series pickup trucks are full on performance, comfort and value only if they survive in the American automobile market.