Green Isuzu Cars

Every car manufacturing company seems to have understood this well that if they have to survive in the fiercely competitive and more than ever government regulated automobile markets around the globe, then they need to come up with better and efficient cars. Automobile companies around the globe are working hard in their research and development wings to bring more fuel-efficient, emissions efficient and reliable engines.

With the rising oil prices wrecking financial havoc around the global economies, the sales of the cars has also gone down. The energy sources are becoming scarce to scarcer and the world agencies along with scientists are publishing reports after reports about the near extinction of oil reserves in some years from now. Therefore, the need has arisen to develop cars and vehicles that can run on alternative fuels or have dual fuel engines. Even the more fuel-efficient engines will work a long way.

Isuzu Car Company is one of the oldest and most experienced automobile companies of Japan. It has a reputation for coming up with some of the best diesel engines for the trucks, mini trucks, pickup trucks and cars. Although Isuzu's foray into the reputed American automobile market has not been a fruitful one but it did gain some popularity there. General Motors Inc is the partner of Isuzu and Isuzu supplies diesel engines for all the GM trucks.

With the rise in fuel prices Isuzu also carved out plans to develop better and more efficient diesel engines for the trucks, mini trucks and pickup trucks and more importantly for cars. As it were the cars, that failed Isuzu in America. Isuzu is coming up with a new 4JB1 turbo diesel engine, which it has developed in association with Toyota.

It is an in-line-four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine. The displacement of the engine is about 2.8 liters. The engine has been developed in compliance with EURO II standards while delivering 94ps power. The company has plans to initially deploy these engines in the large buses, then slowly bring it down to mid-size to small size trucks and finally install the most improved version of this turbo diesel engine in its cars.

The engine is about 30% smaller than the conventional diesel engines supplied by Isuzu for GM trucks. The engine, as claimed by Isuzu has 30% more fuel efficiency than their earlier diesel engines. Thus the new Isuzu cars that will have this turbo diesel engines installed in them will be more eco-friendly and can rightly be called green Isuzu Cars.

The new cars Isuzu plans to roll out will not only have better fuel-efficiency but also they will low on emissions thus helping the government in improving the air quality. These are perfect in a world where the oil and gas prices are constantly rising. With their low maintenance and running cost they result in a lot more savings for the buyer.

So it cannot be denied that nobody understands the needs of the public better than Isuzu. They design the most reliable, fuel-efficient and environment friendly cars.